26 Jun 2000 12:06 pm

I’m going to bitch about this because I can. I love my car, yes. I love the convenience of it, the safety of it, the sheer exhilarating freedom of it. It’s nice to finally be able to pay back all those rides I’ve bummed over the years as well.

There are downsides, though. The enviornmentally concious side of me keeps screaming that I’m owning a vehicle which is adding stress to the already polluted environment, in terms of sheer chemicals, noise, and heat. The fiscal worry-wart in me blows a coronary every time I have to fill ‘er up. At 71.9 cents a litre for regular, and the car demanding at least 92 Octane, the old girl eats better than I do sometimes. Thank god for Gas Wars, your guide to competetive fuel pricing.

Quieting down these uproarious multiple personalities requires that I keep the car in good working order; regular cleaning and check-ups, and no excessive cruising (when possible; though, given this hot and glorious summer, how can it be avoided?) Plus, the car’s pretty fuel-efficient; even with ruinous gas prices, I only need to fill up once every nine days or so.

Still and all, it is a bit of a bitch. Almost, but not quite, makes me want to return to the bad old days taking the bus.

On other areas, man, is it ever hot out there! Hot enough to demand that I be driving a clean car, and hot enough to finally get some good looking people out in very little clothing.

What can I say, it rains nine months of the year out here in Vancouver; and we Vancouverites are not going to let any sunny day slip through our pasty white fingers!

18 Jun 2000 5:05 pm

Not too much that’s new; but we’re finally getting some good weather in Vancouver, which means that people are out enjoying the sun, and I’m actually spending quality time away from my beige box and in the Big Room. I’m currently working on a few webpages (mostly updates to old ones and a few site migrations) and I’m learning Flash and Javascript.

I’m also currently hunting down my videos of “The Tick” animated series. Damn, I hate having a pile of unlabelled tapes; going through each of them, even in high-speed mode, drives me nuts.

Tuesdays are now a toss-up between movies and hanging in Koerner’s pub with a bunch of folks, mostly Mikey, Marianne, and Jag. God bless their little hearts.