23 Jul 2001 9:23 pm

So, I’m on vacation. Two weeks of non-work, non-school. I don’t think that I’ve done this in the last three years. I mean, September to May used to be the full-out pell-mell rush of school, projects, papers, Undergrad Society events and whatnot. Conversely, April to September was the frenetic burst of interstitial money-making; the fundraising period for the upcoming school year.

Granted, the last year was a bit more compressed than I was used to (word to the wise; being a full-time student and a full-time 40+ hour workweek employee do not mix well). So I asked, and was granted, two weeks to do whatever I wanted to. Of course, now the clouds come out (this being Vancouver), but it’s still relatively nice out there, so I ain’t complaining too loudly. I’m still trying to arrange my Toronto/Montreal activities for later in this vacation period (sorry about the New York miss-out, Kel), and I’ve got loads of personal errands to perform (new glasses, car tune-up, furniture purchases, etc), but it’s nice. I can slack and not really worry about it.

On the returning side of things, my friends Amanda and Andy are returning to Vancouver. Oddly; both are here until the 20th of August, at which point I’m more-or-less losing them to the East for a goodish period (the UK and NY City, respectively, in case you were curious).

Consumeristically: I bought an Intel Pocket Concert MP3 player. 128 megs of sheer, happy, digital goodness. Now all I have to do is buy the acessories, and I shall be content.

Page-wise, I’ve updated the Distractions page, as well as fixed up the pictures of my home system.

02 Jul 2001 5:25 pm

Turns out that there’s a word for “searching for your name on the internet”. It’s called “egosurfing”. And there used to be a website by that name, but now it appears that all that data has been turned to corporate ends. Hoo-ray for increased corporate profiling and extensive data mining.

This is what bugs me on that topic: why is corp.profiling working? Why doesn’t it seem subject to the same signal-to-noise ratio that afflicts the rest of the .net? (for a pointed example, see Usenet, or a Random ICQ message). Maybe it’s time to induce greater noise within the datastream. I’m sure Adbusters has something to say on that topic.

Other topics: Life is insular these days, and I’m feeling a mite bit disconnected. I haven’t seen many of my friends in too long. It probably doesn’t help that many of them have moved away from the western shore of this great country, but that doesn’t excuse my inability to contact people still residing within driving distance. Plus I could always reach out and touch someone. But I hate calling. I always feel and sound so goofy; I feel like I’m wasting the time of the person I called. But then again, that’s just me being antisocial. Probably comes out of being an only child; you get used to the sound of yer own voice. Hence this website.

Updated the online comics page with a bunch of new comics; check out Bob & George if you’re into the entire Megaman saga, or RPG World if poking fun at the foibles of cRPG’s is your (humorous) bag. For more slice-of-life type stuff, you could try Scrubs, which is both funny and poignant. In case any of you were wondering, the online comics aren’t arranged in any particular order. Just a bit of chaos to make your day a little more pleasantly non-linear.