15 Jun 2002 12:12 am

This site is now accessible as http://www.numenor.ca. Thanks be to the great Inter-Web (well, Easy Hosting for being the hostname registrar and Granite Canyon for the DNS provider).

I was going to rant a bit about bitterness and rail against the falling of the light in general (and girls in specific), but I’m tired, and will instead succumb to bloody urges and pop off [email protected] heads with some well-placed sniper rounds in Unreal Tournament….

08 Jun 2002 12:01 am

The site’s been cleaned up a little, thanks to the new (new to me) digicam. More pictures of friends! Up to date pix of the work area! And the private section is back!

Ah, summertime is upon us; I can smell the dry, warm air wafting through my window now. It’s about time to drag the electric fan out of hibernation and dust off it’s blades; putting it to work at keeping the room cool.

The last little while has been busy. Dave has left, travelling to Europe, and I misdoubt me if I shall see him before January. The days are filled with work, the nights with school and shenanigans; much like a more scholastically-minded House of Pain. Andrew has my dreamcast, and he’s been burning up the nights with delicious, crafty Sega games. And the 3rd Edition campaign goes; very well indeed. Likely there will be a site devoted to it in the near future, just like my dear, departed Auren campaign.

Ah, the summer; filled with unalloyed promise of mischief and flash-bang film fare!

Note to the kiddies: check out Sevaa. Cheap inter-web hosting with decent features, yeah!