21 Jan 2003 11:55 pm

Alas! It would appear that Jon’s dire predictions were right. It’s been a mere two months, and already I’m down to 10 Gb of free space on my 80 Gb drive (with around 47 Gb of that being nothing but fansubbed anime).

Curse you, DC++! Curse you for being so damn efficient at allowing me access to zero-week releases of anime! Because of you, I’m now forced to wait in realtime, like my counterparts in Japan, for each episode to be aired, and not simply go online and grab an entire season’s worth of viewing in one night. I mean, Someday’s Dreamers, Wolf’s Rain and .hack//DUSK – Legend of the Twilight Bracelet are out, and I have to wait for more episodes? The shame, the shame! Again, a curse on the efficiency of distributed-peer file-sharing networks, and for their ability to consume a man’s hard drive!

On the other hand, the need for large-capacity archival media means that I can indulge my desire to replace my old Yamaha SCSI 6416 CDRW with a shiny new Sony DRU-500A… Mmm, and at 4.7 Gb per disc, that’s an entire season’s worth of episodes! And for about $1.50 CAN / Gb, it’s comparably cheaper and more portable than most hard drives, though there is that initial $500 outlay; however, that’s only one hundred bucks more than I originally paid for my burner, nigh unto four years ago.

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