26 Apr 2003 8:07 pm

GAINAXING (to GAINAX): adj., referring to specific fanservice-y bouncing motions of certain female body parts in a manner that defies sense, as well as physics. (for reference, refer to the Misty May magical girl transformation sequence from Otaku No Video).

This is really only pertinent because I stumbled into the Gainax Japanese site, and found a rather funny Evangelion splash image:

Anno: and in this scene...

The cast of Evangelion takes some direction

Wandering into the Evangelion-specific section, I made the mistake of clicking on what appeared to be their “GOODS” link. Since I read not a word of Japanese, what followed next was a rather eye-opening experience. Suffice it to say, I understand now why Gainax doesn’t have overseas shipping. Most of the links were fairly tame, and offered Eva-themed picture books and software, including what appeared to be a typing tutor-thing and a very kawaii Dance! Dance! Revolution! game featuring the three pilots.

Dance like you mean it!

Dance Dance Chibi Rei!

But the other links? Evangelion hentai galore. It’s rather strange to see Gainax litterally pimp their own products. That shouldn’t be so surprising, I guess, considering that a rather ecchi adjective is named after them.

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