29 May 2003 8:45 pm

This probably has to be the funniest piece of commentary on the upcoming Live Action Evangelion movie: a sneak-peek comic by Crazy Kimchi.

(in a way, it sort of reminds me of an interview with Rei’s American voice actress, Amanda Winn Lee, who discussed what an omake of Rei having sex would be like: “twenty minutes of silence, followed by ‘Are you done yet?'” )

27 May 2003 11:42 am

Apple’s Trailer site has revealed to me that the rumours of a North American release of Shaolin Soccer are surprisingly true. It’s probably best described as Kung-Fu + Soccer + Comedy + Bullet Time, and it’s a gut-bustingly, fall-off-your-chair painfully funny film that needs to be seen to be believed.

The metal logo means we're serious

Shaolin Soccer’s ultra cool new logo

I was first introduced to this movie by Jon, about a year ago (as a bootleg VCD picked up from Hong Kong); he’d had it for a year himself, and it had been sweeping the East on a wave of untrammelled popularity for a while. I had since had the occasion to pick up a DVD copy (of dubious legality, but surprisingly high quality) from the Richmond Night Market which surpasses the VCD only in that it has actual menus, and it doesn’t display two sets of subtitles on screen (Cantonese, I believe, and English) at once.

The trailer is, unfortunately, marred by the Trailer Voice-over Guy‘s narration, which doesn’t really help sell this film (unlike, say, Comedian, where it was used to good effect). Still you can see the flashes of brilliance shine through the relatively short clips which are shown, though, in true spoilerriffic fashion, too much plot (such as it is) is revealed.

Bullet-time; it's not just for RaverGoths any more.

Golden Leg Power Kick!

Still and all, this movie’s too good to pass up, and I for one would love to see it on the big screen. I might find the so-horrible-it’s-funny dub a tad offputting (as Stephen Chow and the others have very expressive voices), but I’d go to see a 20 foot-tall projection of the Evil Team’s wickedness.

The miasma of pure, unbridled eeeevil.

The Evil Team

25 May 2003 7:01 pm

In what is appearing to be an Evangelion-heavy weekend, Freetype brings news of a sequel to the popular dreamcast Evangelion side-story: Neon Genesis Evangelion – Iron Maiden 2.

From all indications, it’s set in the parallel universe Shinji experiences in episode 26 (where he and Asuka are childhood friends, Rei is remarkably talkative, and Misato is his homeroom teacher). It looks like it’ll be a typical high-school adventure / romance game with some Eva sequences thrown in for good measure.

Baka Shinji!

Alternate Universe Rei Ayanami

It’s an official Gainax release, and it appears to quite heavily spoof the original series, at least in terms of its multiple endings. And, much like the original game, it’ll probably never hit these shores.

Well, if ever I needed a reason to mod my PS2 for import-play…

In other Eva news, after having done some quick vid-capping from the original DVD’s, it looks like I probably should sell these off and buy the upcoming Renewal of Evangelion discs, which are purported to have better image-tranfer and surround-sound qualities. Arrgh. Looks like the otakings of Gainax really know how to milk a property and squeeze money out of their fans….

23 May 2003 2:02 pm

In a move that frighteningly dovetails my twin obsessions with Neon Genesis Evangelion, and the Cthulhu Mythos, I present this disturbing (and most definately not-safe-for-work) Evangelion fanfic: “Children of an Elder God

Who harkens at the window?

Weep, mortals.

22 May 2003 1:30 am

Like many an angsty teen geek, reading The Sandman was pretty much an identifying mark for our particular clade of teen culture, like listening to Nirvana and wearing flannel, only more gothy and with a penchant for bickering over the philosophical bent inherent in Todd Klein’s lettering.

The Sandman’s older sister Death remains possibly one of the most endearing characters of that strange clan of powers-clothed-in-human-shape. She never really showed up overmuch in the series, which is a shame, because, as Neil Gaiman put it, “I wanted somebody nice — I liked the idea of a sensible Death.”

With news that Jill Thomson will be doing a manga version of Death’s point-of-view from the entire Season of Mists storyline (wherein the dead in Hell have been freed, and are wandering about on Earth mucking things up), comes this lovely image of a new figurine:

Death manga ultracutie mode!

Death takes a breather

Now if only I could do something about the lack of display space, I’d be set…