07 Jul 2003 8:30 pm

Have discovered Gamestop, which is basically Electronics Boutique in a leaner, meaner, more primitive and yet more focused form. The location in the Ford City mall had some of the best values for used games that I’ve ever seen, as well as the best selection. One mild hangup — while they didn’t have the copy of Dynasty Warriors 2 that they thought they did, some kind of screw-up resulted in a copy of Dead or Alive 2: Hardcore being slipped into my Star Wars: Starfighter case (whether the PS2 version outperforms my import Dreamcast version will be a matter that can only be settled by many, many games when I get back to Vancouver). Despite this curious turn of affairs, got Starfighters for free, and Harvest Moon 2 and ICO for very generous prices. And EB had a copy of Dynasty Warriors 3 for slightly more, so was satisfied in that “conquering kingdoms over the blood of thousands of enemies” way.

Furtherto the entire Playstation fanaticism: have found the elusive and long-sought-after PS(X/2) to USB adaptor. Joy!

One final video gaming note: from Boingboing, it looks like Square Enix is putting out a set-top device that lets you play Dragon Quest (Dragon Warrior in these parts) using a plastic Sword of Erdrick as the interface device.


The hardware interface


The attack screen

Apparently, you slash your way through the game. Neet. From the looks of it, it’s not an addition to a standard gaming console; it’s a standalone device all by itself, not unlike those classic Atari games in an Atari Joystick.

UPDATE: Both The Magicbox and Gameforms have english-language articles about the Dragon Quest game. Check ’em out.

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