25 Sep 2003 8:42 pm

In anticipation of restarting my D&D 3rd Edition campaign, I’ve obtained what might be considered one of the most useful player-disciplinary tools: a chainmail dice bag.

The um, velvet dice in the iron dice bag

Ph33r the Armoured Dice Bag

I found it at The Comichop, and was lucky enough to meet and chat with Niccy Hulbert, who made it and was selling it there. Niccy makes a whole lot of other chainmail related products, which is a feat of craftsmanship and patience, considering how hard it is to link these rings together.

I can’t wait to toss that thing onto a gaming table; there’ll be no lollygagging in my game after that, lemme tell ya.

(Okay, seriously, I’d never attack a player with an armoured dice bag. I mean, what if the impact hurts my dice? Besides, common disciplinary measures for player infraction usually end up as The Barefoot Walk Across the d4’s).

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