27 Sep 2003 8:30 pm

I’m not a big fan of traditional needlepoint work (though many of the people around me are). I appreciate the effort and the skill that goes into it, but I can’t see myself hanging one on my wall as art. Not until now:

It's a nice day to randomly shoot at wildlife

Quiet pastoral scene, meet Lara Croft

Big thanks to Game Girl Advance for introducing me to the Becky Shaefer, the artist behind this piece. I guess I know what I’m getting some people for Christmas.

The comments under the GGA article were pretty insightful too — now I want my very own 8-Bit Light Warriors on a scarf. Though Link on a toque would proably work as well. Check out Sushiesque’s blog for some awesome pictures of old-school NES images translated to cross-stitching works.

UPDATE: Sushiesque was kind enough to point out that Memepool had links to other 8-bit cross-stitching projects.

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