29 Sep 2003 8:45 pm

Guaranteed to look cool on your shelf while simultaneously not fitting in with the rest of your movies comes the Borg Megacube, a compilation every episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation in a snazzy borg-ified collectors case. And it comes with a Star Trek collectible clock! All for the low, low price of $449.99.

Region free decoding is futile. You cannot resist the MPAA

Borg Megacube Goodness

While this has a certain amount of geek cachet, I’m really, really getting tired of things that don’t fit on a standard shelf designed to hold retail form-factor-dvd’s. If it wasn’t for the cool covers and liner notes, I’d chuck the old Amaray cases and go with a Caselogic DVD Wallet. Or, as a better alternative, the Nexpak Thinpak thinner form-factor DVD case.

My shelves are simply too small to accept anything but three or four more DVD’s, so this here Megacube would be a tad over the top. But it’s so deliciously menacing, it’s hard to resist. Ha.


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