27 Oct 2003 12:40 am

In case you’ve been wondering about the extreme lack of posts, I’ll allow a picture to replace a thousand words:

67 freakin' hours! And I'm on my first New Game+


Much has been said about this game, so I’ll let others do the talking (though this doesn’t preclude a review later, when I’ve breached the 150+ hour mark game-wise). One thing that I’ve noticed is that not enough people are giving love to Tenpei Sato, who did the musical arrangement for this game (the Arrange soundtrack’s “Etna Boogie” has become a heavy-rotation song on my mp3 player), nor to Tsunami Bomb, whose song “The Invasion From Within” is used to frenetic effect in one of the most enjoyable battles in the game.

Lemme toss out the links to some of the original wallpaper and the character art, as well as the 4koma manga panels whose humour only makes sense once you’ve played 30+ hours of the game and start dreaming in terms of totem-throw combos and rapid character-levelling in Jotunheim: Terrible Cold (5-3).

UPDATE: Found the personal website of Disgaea’s character designer. It’s in Japanese, so unless you’re fluent, there’s alot of guess-clicking involved, but his artwork is pretty neat (up to, and including his rendition of Hellboy)

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