30 Nov 2003 1:46 pm

It’s nice to know that ancient, 2nd century AD geeks had high-quality random number generating polydrons such as this.

Natural 20!

This thing probably rolls crits like there’s no tomorrow.

Thanks to Rick and Orion, who brought it to my attention. I’d bet that the odds are that the person who originally owned this die is probably screaming (in Latin) “Dude, you don’t touch another man’s d20!”

29 Nov 2003 9:12 pm

Insert Credit is hosting a 17 Mb video of some japanese NES gamer running a near-perfect game of SMB 3 — in 11 minutes. Some of the moves the guy pulls off are incredible, simply jaw-dropping stuff. It’s safe to say this guy’s in a league of his own, and his rush through the cannon-fire, flames, and lava of World 8 is ridiculously inspiring — it’s enough to make me want to plug my NES back in and play through (or get SMB 3 Advance for my Gameboy Advance).

Check out the ending screenshot. Look at the player stats carefully.

Bowser's down for the count

The end of a remarkable run

Yep. Those stats show him maxed out at 99 lives; that’s 96 1-ups earned in the 11 minutes of playtime. Godlike.

27 Nov 2003 8:18 pm

Prince of Persia Gamecube Metacritic Review

Beautifully executed, with near-perfect gameplay, Prince of Persia — The Sands of Time is a worthy successor to the older, equally-lauded Prince of Persia games. The trademark physical puzzles are a wonder, and take advantage of the 3D nature of the game. Visuals are top-notch, but the real joy of it comes from the natural progression of difficulty; at no time does the game seem too easy or too hard — it’s always just plain fun.

27 Nov 2003 8:08 pm


The Delgados reminds me of Mazzy Star with more bite and less hypnotic sleepiness. Their latest album, Hate, is a particularly enchanting mix of velvet and vitriol and I can’t praise it highly enough. Plus, the song “The Light Before We Land” is used as the opening theme to Gunslinger Girl, which makes it all the more poignant.

26 Nov 2003 2:12 pm

I don’t like online quizzes. Normally, I flee from them. Then Spokey Dokey had “How Nintendo Are You” on her site, and I broke down.

:: how nintendo are you? ::