29 Nov 2003 9:12 pm

Insert Credit is hosting a 17 Mb video of some japanese NES gamer running a near-perfect game of SMB 3 — in 11 minutes. Some of the moves the guy pulls off are incredible, simply jaw-dropping stuff. It’s safe to say this guy’s in a league of his own, and his rush through the cannon-fire, flames, and lava of World 8 is ridiculously inspiring — it’s enough to make me want to plug my NES back in and play through (or get SMB 3 Advance for my Gameboy Advance).

Check out the ending screenshot. Look at the player stats carefully.

Bowser's down for the count

The end of a remarkable run

Yep. Those stats show him maxed out at 99 lives; that’s 96 1-ups earned in the 11 minutes of playtime. Godlike.

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