22 Nov 2003 5:21 pm

Woke up to the soundtrack from the Buffy Musical (Once More With Feeling) today, and it put me in a Musical frame of mind. To get it out of my head (and into yours), I present: the Musicals of Doom!

20 Nov 2003 9:49 pm

Hah! Check out this week’s horoscope from The Onion for all of us Scorpio’s having birthdays:

You’re proud to have been cited by several important scientists, even if it was as an example of the potential “gray goo” problems in nanotechnology.

20 Nov 2003 9:26 pm

Samantha is the best! Just last week, when I was feeling ill, she surprised me with the mid-sized Summer Fun Plush Cthulhu (which now graces one of my monitors at work). And today, for my birthday, she got me this:

Bendy threateningness!

Five pounds of articulated tentacly goodness!

It’s currently perched on top of my old Apple IIC monitor, terrorizing my bendy Bender figure. Sam has good taste. It’s one of the few McFarlane Toys figures that I’d actually want to own (the other would be the Matrix Revolutions APU mech).


19 Nov 2003 12:51 am

Dave’s birthday (and mine) is rapidly approaching. I have no Amazon Wishlist or other items of that self-pandering nature. If I did, here’s what would be on it:

The Ultimate in Geek Desks.

Poetic Aura desk

A Domo-kun phone of my very own.


An insidiously borg-ified Apple Cube.

Apple Cube, borg-style

Or, how about some USB Christmas tree lights?

USB Christmas lights

I’d definitely be happy with one of Zumi’s plush consoles.

Soft gaming happiness!


Yes, I realize that some of these items may well be one-of-a-kind. Never let it be said that my rampant materialistic impulses could be quelled by a detail as insignificant as “uniqueness” or “unavailability”.

Or, I could go the Steve Martin “Christmas Wish” route and ask for peace on earth, goodwill for all, etc. After all, a contented and peaceful planet is so much easier to take over…

18 Nov 2003 8:25 pm

Thanks to Natsume Maya, I can now type the phrase “Urusai Tibikko” at ridiculously high speeds. This is because I’ve been practicing with the Read or Die the TV Typing Game “Anida” (which, Natsume Maya explains, is a pun, as the “da” means “to hit” — try the game and you’ll see why).

Urusai tibikko!


I… can’t… stop… typing!