07 Dec 2003 11:56 am

Azumanga Daoih seems to have inspired a remarkable number of doujinshi game circles to make wacky, off-the-wall games. Witness my previous post on the Azumanga Fighting Game. Now, the MIT Anime Club has pointed out that there’s also an Azumanga Beach Volleyball Game

Spike, Sakaki-san!

There’s also an Azumanga Snowball Fight Game, and an Azumanga Racing Game (where you get to ride the larger of the Neko-Coneko pair around a track, so it looks rather Mario Kart-ish).

Go Go Go Neko-Coneko

Insert Credit also brings us Chiyoruga, an Ikaruga clone involving Chiyo-chan. The fun part is that the “switch” between the “white side” and “black side” Chiyo-chan is depicted by the position of her pigtails (down and up), to be specific.

Lightside! Darkside! Chiyoside!

Ultimately, it’s kind of gratifying that I just picked up a new 80 GB games-only drive…