29 Feb 2004 11:42 pm

Well, it’s Sunday in the Pacific Northwest, which means Gainax has a new top page illustration out. While I’m not as fond of this week’s as I am of one or their earlier pieces, it did give me reason to poke around the AusAnime Image Gallery, where I found this lovely wallpaper:

Major Characters from every Gainax Production

Full Gainax Cast

It’s nice to see the Daicon IV sword-surfing bunny-girl front and off-center, and it’s equally amusing to see Lilith in the crowd. I quite like Misato’s reaction to Naota’s father’s lecherous advances, and it’s kinda heartwarming to see Lord Kanchi giving Rei a boost to see the proceedings.

We definately need more high-quality “full cast” works like these; I’d give an arm and a leg (at least someone else’s arm and leg) for a J.C. Staff version of this.

AusAnime’s forum links keep popping up in my referer logs, so it behooved me to give them a look-see. I’d imagine that Australia has a pretty decent anime scene, what with its proximity to Japan and the proliferation of sites like these. Plus, Natsume Maya’s site in based in Aus, and where would I be without daily news updates from there?

28 Feb 2004 11:57 pm

For fans of Final Fantasy and Ken Akamatsu-esque art (actually, art by Akamatsu’s assistant Magi), there’s Magi’s homepage; Boy Meets Girl. Behold!

Final Fantasy VII

The covers are pretty damn sweet (my personal favorite remains the Cloud / Aeris / Yuffie Christmas scene). There are other, non-FF covers as well (the Bebop one comes to mind), and all of them are pretty darn cool. You can almost see the cast relaxing at the Hinata-su.

26 Feb 2004 11:06 pm

Having a new car seems to bring the latent Asian genes in me to the fore. I’ve had visions of bigger rims and lowered suspensions, foglights and body kits and weird little neon-glowy-things on my dash dancing in my head.

But really, I can’t forget my geek heritage, so I was pleasantly surprised to see these two car mods:

Who wants a ride on the Nekobus?

The Catbus from Totoro

From the looks of it, this looks like it was taken at Burning Man. Still, it would be cool seeing this purring around on city streets. Though keeping the fur clean would be an absolute nightmare.

The H-Wing; get it?

A-Wing-ified Honda Del Sol

Linked off of Slashdot and Fark many moons ago. Still pretty cool, if odd. Still, the attention to detail (the hoses, lift-clamps and side-rail blasters) merits high geek praise indeed.

I’m not likely to go down either route (it smacks of Too Much Effort, really). In terms of ricing and mods, I think I’ll stick with my Rei and Asuka mirror danglies for now, until I can figure out how to get my little Mazda3 to transform like its big brother.

25 Feb 2004 8:32 pm

Big Eyes Small Mouth is an absolutely brilliant anime RPG, originally released sometime in 1997. It’s been updated for the d20 ruleset (possibly 3.5 compatible), and remains an utter blast to play — it’s got over a dozen original character classes and a plethora of anime-related feats and drawbacks. Yes, you too can create your own Hammerspace / hammer generator (page 135, “Hyper Dimensional Hammer”, acquired as a Special Attack — Concealable, Stun, Melee, Limited Use, Unique Disability: Only on Lecherous or Annoying Friends).


Big Eyes, Small Mouth

BESM’s publisher, the Guardians of Order have captured the essence of anime rather well, and provide lots of examples for first-time DM’s or players not terribly familiar with the tropes (heck, there’s an entire section devoted to Fan Service, ranging from bishounen to transformation sequences).

The quality of artwork in the book tends to be quite good and remains true to their anime sources. It’s a remarkably slim volume, but it communicates its main points clearly and effectively, and it remains one of the few sourcebooks I’ve ever read which has actually contains a useful index.

I’d imagine your friendly neighbourhoood comic book store would have this in stock, but if not, you can buy it off the Guardian of Order’s website. There’s even a Stingy Gamer Edition which costs about 1/2 as much (but is lacking the rather charming illustrations scattered throughout).

Additionally, a visit to The Comicshop today brought about the discovery of the Trigun d20 BESM supplement. Good to know that Geneon (formerly Pioneer Animation) is being good about allowing this kind of cross-marketing. Now if only Gainax / ADV would be so generous, we could have d20 Evangelion. I mean, BESM is already fully compatible with the Guardians of Order’s other d20 RPG: d20 Mecha

24 Feb 2004 12:05 am

Well, it’s February, which means that it’s DOOMSDAY SCENARIO TIME:

Jill’s already mentioned the Peak Oil scenario (ie, Life After the Oil Crash), which deals with the diminishing returns on our oil-based economies as fossil fuels become harder and harder to find, resulting in a catastrophic series of events that result in the deaths of billions of people.

Of course, the Pentagon’s got it’s own bleak vision of a world-wide weather-induced crisis, resulting in flooding, famine, and the eventual conflicts brought about through the limitation of vital resources.

In the long view, there’s the Big Rip, where the fabric of the universe basically tears itself apart, some few billion years from now.

In light of this news, I’m seriously hoping that a decent excession shows up and gets us the hell out of this universe and into the next lower one (if you subscribe to Banksian cosmology — or just really like his novels on The Culture).

Of course, in keeping with the nature of this blog, I would be remiss if I failed to offer the Cthulhu’esque alternative (the now sadly-removed “Who Will Be Eaten First” Jack Chick parody), or the Evangelion alternative.


All’s right with the world.