21 Feb 2004 11:52 pm

There’s a lovely piece from the New Yorker about the processes of thought that went behind the manufacturing of SUV’s, and the perceptions of the people who buy these monstrous behemoths. Thanks to Derek at Penmachine for the link.

Personally, I’m a sedan guy; always been (since I had my poor, now lost-to-me Honda Civic), and always will be. Which is why I’m driving a Mazda 3 these days (for the curious, she’s a four-door GS model named The Major, after Major Motoko Kusanagi).

zoom zoom

Closest facsimile of The Major that I could find

Anyway, back on the subject of large cars and small minds, the part that gets me about the article is this quote:

Jettas are safe because they make their drivers feel unsafe. S.U.V.s are unsafe because they make their drivers feel safe. That feeling of safety isn’t the solution; it’s the problem.

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