25 Feb 2004 8:32 pm

Big Eyes Small Mouth is an absolutely brilliant anime RPG, originally released sometime in 1997. It’s been updated for the d20 ruleset (possibly 3.5 compatible), and remains an utter blast to play — it’s got over a dozen original character classes and a plethora of anime-related feats and drawbacks. Yes, you too can create your own Hammerspace / hammer generator (page 135, “Hyper Dimensional Hammer”, acquired as a Special Attack — Concealable, Stun, Melee, Limited Use, Unique Disability: Only on Lecherous or Annoying Friends).


Big Eyes, Small Mouth

BESM’s publisher, the Guardians of Order have captured the essence of anime rather well, and provide lots of examples for first-time DM’s or players not terribly familiar with the tropes (heck, there’s an entire section devoted to Fan Service, ranging from bishounen to transformation sequences).

The quality of artwork in the book tends to be quite good and remains true to their anime sources. It’s a remarkably slim volume, but it communicates its main points clearly and effectively, and it remains one of the few sourcebooks I’ve ever read which has actually contains a useful index.

I’d imagine your friendly neighbourhoood comic book store would have this in stock, but if not, you can buy it off the Guardian of Order’s website. There’s even a Stingy Gamer Edition which costs about 1/2 as much (but is lacking the rather charming illustrations scattered throughout).

Additionally, a visit to The Comicshop today brought about the discovery of the Trigun d20 BESM supplement. Good to know that Geneon (formerly Pioneer Animation) is being good about allowing this kind of cross-marketing. Now if only Gainax / ADV would be so generous, we could have d20 Evangelion. I mean, BESM is already fully compatible with the Guardians of Order’s other d20 RPG: d20 Mecha

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