26 Feb 2004 11:06 pm

Having a new car seems to bring the latent Asian genes in me to the fore. I’ve had visions of bigger rims and lowered suspensions, foglights and body kits and weird little neon-glowy-things on my dash dancing in my head.

But really, I can’t forget my geek heritage, so I was pleasantly surprised to see these two car mods:

Who wants a ride on the Nekobus?

The Catbus from Totoro

From the looks of it, this looks like it was taken at Burning Man. Still, it would be cool seeing this purring around on city streets. Though keeping the fur clean would be an absolute nightmare.

The H-Wing; get it?

A-Wing-ified Honda Del Sol

Linked off of Slashdot and Fark many moons ago. Still pretty cool, if odd. Still, the attention to detail (the hoses, lift-clamps and side-rail blasters) merits high geek praise indeed.

I’m not likely to go down either route (it smacks of Too Much Effort, really). In terms of ricing and mods, I think I’ll stick with my Rei and Asuka mirror danglies for now, until I can figure out how to get my little Mazda3 to transform like its big brother.

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