29 Feb 2004 11:42 pm

Well, it’s Sunday in the Pacific Northwest, which means Gainax has a new top page illustration out. While I’m not as fond of this week’s as I am of one or their earlier pieces, it did give me reason to poke around the AusAnime Image Gallery, where I found this lovely wallpaper:

Major Characters from every Gainax Production

Full Gainax Cast

It’s nice to see the Daicon IV sword-surfing bunny-girl front and off-center, and it’s equally amusing to see Lilith in the crowd. I quite like Misato’s reaction to Naota’s father’s lecherous advances, and it’s kinda heartwarming to see Lord Kanchi giving Rei a boost to see the proceedings.

We definately need more high-quality “full cast” works like these; I’d give an arm and a leg (at least someone else’s arm and leg) for a J.C. Staff version of this.

AusAnime’s forum links keep popping up in my referer logs, so it behooved me to give them a look-see. I’d imagine that Australia has a pretty decent anime scene, what with its proximity to Japan and the proliferation of sites like these. Plus, Natsume Maya’s site in based in Aus, and where would I be without daily news updates from there?

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