23 Mar 2004 4:18 pm

As an information packrat, I’m a big fan of archiving data (moreso ever since my horrendous server crash that put this site on hiatus for nigh unto three months). Couple that with the Sony DW-U12A DVD burner I purchased last year, and my prediliction for downloading fansubbed anime, and you end up with binders and spindles of burned series.

Now, R.O.D TV just finished recently (thanks be to Anime Station for their sterling work), and given that the actual DVD releases are going to contain vastly upgraded artwork (check out these screens revealing the differences in the artwork — you’ll have to scroll a fair bit down the pages and the site’s in Japanese, but ROD TV viewers should recognize them when they see them), I’ll definately be purchasing the show when it hits these shores.

However, I’m really loathe to lose the subs because they may contain material ignored or otherwise passed over in the commercial release (compare, for example, Manga’s release of the Read or Die OVA to the fansubs, where Nenene’s name is left intact on all the notes in Yomiko’s bedroom). This is where the DVD burner comes in. However, to my annoyance, A-S versions just don’t fit on one DVD, and I’ll be damned if I’m going to split it across two DVD’s just because of a paltry 100 MB overburn issue.

I’ve done this before, to less than satisfactory results (Full Metal Panic! comes to mind), but I really prefer to keep track of individual series on multiples of complete DVD’s. I can’t really blame A-S for this, as this is their first project, but it does seem interesting that other groups seem to work pretty hard to get their series to fit in a single 4.7 GB DVD blank…

I guess I’ll just have to fire up VirtualDub and get some resizing filters going.

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