31 Mar 2004 11:56 pm

Hori makes some pretty snazzy game console controllers. I’d been looking at their GameCube Digital Controller (which is shaped like that of the old SNES) for a while, and I’d recall hearing about a special Onimusha 3 controller (from either Crunk Games or Insert Credit). Apparently, said controller was supposed to be motion-sensitive and would translate your movements to movements within the game. Unsurprisingly, it was shaped like a samurai sword.

Onimusha controller, display

Ornamental display mode

Details, ’til now, were fairly sketchy, and I’m glad to see that pictures have finally surfaced. While I think the concept’s pretty cool (there’s a Dragon Warrior dedicated, set-top version, so there must be a market for this), I think the regular controller interface looks kind of clunky.

Onimusha controller, controller side

Controller buttons revealed

Still, cashflow willing, I’d love to try out one of these for myself. Preferably with nothing fragile within swinging distance.

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