22 Apr 2004 8:51 pm

Following the horrifyingly addictive meme-life on the intar-web is bound to be dangerous, because, hey, they’re freakin’ memes and propagate by being read and absorbed. Despite Nietzschean warnings about fighting and becoming monsters (or in this case, passing along dangerously infection memes), I now present to you the following: the “Top 25-ish Most Played Songs on iTunes” (or in my case, my iPod). This is a sad commentary on my aural affiliations. Without further ado:

  1. Megumi Hayashibara – Sakura Saku (3:14)
  2. Daft Punk – Digital Love (4:58)
  3. boa – DUVET (3:23)
  4. Ah ha – Take on Me (3:20)
  5. Deep Blue Something – Breakfast at Tiffany’s (4:16)
  6. Buzy – Venus Say (2:13)
  7. angela – Asu he no Brilliant Road (4:57)
  8. Sae – Asu no Blue wing (4:28)
  9. Cartoon Themes (1960-1990) – Voltes V Main Theme (3:03)
  10. Kuribayashi Minami – Tsubasa wa Pleasure Line (1:30)
  11. Elissa – Mamboleo (Extended English version) (4:41)
  12. Swollen Members – Deep End (3:33)
  13. Daft Punk – Aerodynamic (3:27)
  14. Daft Punk – Harder, Better, Faster, Strong (3:44)
  15. Daft Punk – Veridis Quo (5:44)
  16. JAM Project featuring Masami Okui – Little Wing(TV size) (1:34)
  17. Sae – Asu no Blue Wing – Daphne in the Brilliant Blue (OP TV size) (1:30)
  18. The Delgados – The Light Before We Land (5:30)
  19. Buffy The Vampire Slayer Cast – Standing In The Way (2:10)
  20. The Calling – Wherever You Will Go (3:27)
  21. Yuki Kajiura – Fake Wings (2:38)
  22. Daft Punk – One More Time (5:20)
  23. Daft Punk – Superheroes (3:57)
  24. Daft Punk – High Life (3:21)
  25. Daft Punk – Too Long (10:00)
  26. The Pillows – Blues Drive Monster (3:25)

I make no excuses for any of this, dammit. The playlist is a bit skewed, as I recently scrubbed my iPod and Fixed All the Goddamn Tags. I should remember to try this again in three months and see how it changes.


  1. Sakura Saku is the main theme for Love Hina, and features the lovely and ubiquitous Megumi Hayshibara.
  2. Duvet was the main theme for Serial Experiments Lain. Also sung by boa, which is a british band, in a classic case of Japanese Anglophilia. Still a damn good song, though.
  3. Venus Say is the main theme for Twin Spica. Utterly infectious.
  4. Asu he no Brilliant Road was Uchuu no Stellvia‘s main theme. Weird but deeply addictive chord progression.
  5. Asu no Blue wing is the main theme for Daphne in the Brilliant Blue, which has the most fanservice per minute outside of, say, Najica Blitz Tactics.
  6. Voltes V was a popular anime in the Philippines when I was a child
  7. Tsubasa wa Pleasure Line is the main theme of Chrno Crusade, which continually fuels my “sexy nuns with guns” fascination. I blame renegade nuns on wheels, really.
  8. Little Wing was the main theme for Scrapped Princess, and has lovely Celtic influences.
  9. Fake Wings was Subaru‘s theme from .hack//SIGN, and was most often heard when wandering through the Venice-like city.
  10. The Pillows are a freakishly awesome JRock band. They’re remembered to put the “roll” back in “rock & roll”. Plus, they provided the music for FLCL.
  11. Daft Punk’s album “Discovery” continues to rawk the hizzouse. I keep getting techno-proletarian visions of a glitzy and glamorous Soviet state whenever I hear “Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger”.

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