29 Apr 2004 1:18 pm

Courtesy of Natsume Maya, I’ve found yet another source for future financial pain. It turns out that Bandai is releasing a bunch of Evangelion Series 2 toys-that-come-with-candy (or is that -candy-that-comes-with-toys?). Yes, it’s not for any sequel or alternate-world series that I’m aware of, though it might be from a game; I vaguely recall seeing something in a recent-ish Newtype about it, and that came with some pretty cool concept art for the new Evas. Or maybe I’m muddling that with memories of concept art posted on 4chan.

Asuka red and white suit variantsRei red and white suit variants
Heavy armoured EvaJet Alone

Bandai Eva Series 2 Candy Toys

If this is keeping with the sizes of the other Bandai Candy Toys, which includes the Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon and the Futari wa Pretty Cure stuff, then these figures should be around 11 cm tall. W0ot.

Man, I knew I wasn’t going to be buying electronics when I go to Japan this summer; my money’s probably going to be spent on gear like this instead. Arr. Time to find and move to a bigger place to keep all this stuff.

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