06 May 2004 11:31 pm

This week’s Akadot newletter brought this to my attention: The ninth volume of the Evangelion manga comes with the limited edition, fully-poseable Rei Ayanami action figure.

Rei standingRei sittingRei and entry plug seat

Rei Ayanami limited edition figure

Check those pictures out; that’s a hell of a lot of points of articulation (well, 16, but that’s still a lot).

I wonder if I can buy this without the manga? Not that I don’t like the manga, but I haven’t gotten past volume three yet, and I’m not too thrilled that they changed the format sizing on this volume; it’ll look odd on a shelf next to the others in the series, which is an odd decision to make, ’cause, hey, anime toy otaku are collectors here, and they know what looks good on a shelf.

This really makes me wish that they’d release the other two figures in the series (the metallic plugsuit Asuka and the not-in-regular-continuity orange plugsuit Hikari).

Hikari, Asuka and Rei figures

Alas, only in Japan

Hmm. As Mo’ just pointed out to me, the phrase “Rei Ayanami Action Figure and entry plug seat!” has, um, interesting connotatations for those not versed in the Eva myth-worlds. Argh.

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