08 May 2004 1:24 pm

So you want to sample the bounty that this great union of connected computing has to offer? Okay then, this is how this breaks down:

  • Kazaa (or better, K++ / Kazaa Lite — which may now be missing, or assimilated by Sharman) is for Top 40 stuff
  • WinMX is for more obscure music, like, say Tommy February6 or L’Arc-en-Ciel, or Deltron 3030.
  • Bittorrent, baby, is for TV shows and anime. Yeah, you could try using it for warezing, but don’t forget that the protocol is transparent, and your IP gets broadcast all across the goddamn stream. If you’re using Azureus, use Safepeer, at least.
  • DC++ is like the modern, evolved form of Hotline (ah, Hotline, before it got bought out and sucked). Huge barriers to entry, though; generally, minimum share size is in the 5 GB range, and the hub operators usually want to to limit the maximum number of connected hubs to less than 10.

I can’t speak about Overnet much (or its clients, like eDonkey), because the above four generally meet my needs in toto.

Just sayin’, is all. Remember kids, if you find an album with three or more songs you actually like, then go and buy the damn album (unless you’re one of the lucky bastards who can use the iTunes Music Store).

Roughly the same could be said for anime, though substitute “episodes” for “songs” and “series” for “album”.

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