09 May 2004 11:02 pm

Well, it looks like a good start to the summer for console RPG’s. First up is La Pucelle, which is Disgaea’s sequel prequel 1. David brought up the subject of La Pucelle on his blog, and I’m leery about starting a game that may have the capacity to devour my very soul. La Pucelle looks really good (hell, an endorsement from Gabe does wonders), and is currently available at my local EB (where, sadly, they know my name all too well).

Priere attack mode

Priere: Divine Storm!

I say this as a Disgaea veteran; my last save file says that I’ve spent over 250 hours playing the game. Sounds about right (insert wracking sobs here). Actually, the last save file says 252 hours, but that’s the “goddammit, I’m not spending untold hours levelling in Cave of Ordeals 3 or the deep Item Worlds just to reach level 9999 — where’s my frickin’ Gameshark?” save file. Lemme tell you, beating Baal with Laharl alone is a treat (2 million damage per blow!). But I still haven’t done any true Item World delving to find the Ultimate Weapons for my major characters.

And with La Pucelle having the look and feel of Disgaea, I really hope Mastiff did well with their localization of the game. Most of the fun came from the awesome voice work of the actors and the snappy dialogue. I’m really looking forward to playing as Priere, though (seeing as she was a hidden “bonus” character in Disgaea — just like Etna, Flonne and Laharl will be hidden bonus characters in Phantom Brave, Disgaea’s sequel).

The other cool news comes courtesy of Matthew, who mentioned that a sort of doujinshi 3D remake of Chrono Trigger was being developed. Chrono Trigger Resurrection, I believe it’s called. I actually saw the first inkling of this on 4chan, with a screencap; I know it won’t be the full game, and I’ve not entirely made up my mind if the 3D port would be a hindrance or a boon to the game — seeing as it was the ridiculously convoluted plot (time travel! whee!) and the cool battle sequences that made the SNES version so special.

Chrono's hometown

Chrono’s home town

Still, Resurrection comes at a good time, as I’ve been looking at trying my hand at Chrono Trigger: Radical Dreamers (the text-adventure true sequel to CT), before going on to Chrono Cross (lent to me by the ever-generous Andy). And I sincerely hope that, in the spirit of FF I and II being re-released for the GBA, that Square will get off its ass and do a similar port for Chrono Trigger. Because, hey, who needs sleep when you have kick-ass games?

1 Damn, I hate being up too late and missing “piddling” details, like, say, time-relevance. To be perfectly accurate, Phantom Brave is the sequel (and coming out in the fall! yay!) and La Pucelle is the prequel. My bad.

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