10 May 2004 3:12 pm

Other people (notably David and BluWacky) are covering Kenran Butoh Sai – The Mars Daybreak, and I find myself generally ambivalent about the series. It’s on my weekly watch list, after all, but it doesn’t have the “Dear God, I need my next fix of this NOW” pull that Twin Spica or Fruits Basket or RahXephon had on me (to name the last three series I’ve been watching regularly). I’m not quite sure why this is; maybe because, for all the cool details, the show just feels dated, like it’s not saying anything new or interesting. The mecha combat is actually mildly boring, pretty as it is — I’d rather see more first season Full Metal Panic! to watch the hot mecha-on-mecha action between Sagara and Gauron (Gaul? Damned romanizations).

But, getting back to Kenran Butoh Sai, when the show absolutely has no mecha action is when it’s at its best. Episodes 4 (where Vess and Gram meet again) and the recently released Episode 6 (when the President’s granddaughter joins the Aurora) are true of this trend (hah — bad science at work, using only two points to indicate a trend, woe). I recall Jascii stating that the Kenran Butoh Sai world is loosely connected to the Gunparade March universe; in that case, it only makes sense that the mecha combat takes a back seat to the socio-political / character drama (which is a revelation that comes early to Gunparade March viewers, sometime after the death of an important character and the rehersal for the school play).

On a purely technical note, does anyone know who the seiyuu are for this show? AnimeNFO’s been slow updating data for the spring and summer season of anime (almost none of the new shows like BakuTen or TenTen or Kenran are listed). Further, does anyone know what the a.f.k stands for in a.f.k anime? Just curious about my fansubbing groups, is all.

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