10 May 2004 5:00 pm

Was cruising Electrolite’s blog links, and found this lovely piece of political allegory from Spacecrab. Basically, it discusses Nader’s role as a spoiler in the overall scheme of the upcoming American presidential electrons, in terms of The Lord of the Rings:

“The One Ring had to be destroyed. In my opinion, Samwise was the one who actually got the job done — not Frodo.”

“So, I said, “I think this is actually contrary to the spirit of the book — but suppose we’re there at the Council of Elrond; and it’s deadlocked 50-50 between choosing Frodo or Boromir to get the job done. Now, someone puts Sam up as the “level-headed” worker’s candidate. Samwise: loyal, sensible, agrarian, won’t buy an inch of Gollum’s BS.

“The votes of the hobbit fans among the Wise are split; and the ring goes to Boromir. Boromir brings it to Denethor, who keeps it for 10 minutes before Sauron sends him to Hell. Everyone in Middle Earth winds up working minimum wage for the S&S corporation; and the Shire is converted into an Orc football stadium.

“What do your agrarian, populist politics get you then?”

“Sam was a better ringbearer,” my roommate said. I went to bed on that note.

Man, I wish I kept up as much on Philippine politics as I did on American politics, but it’s looking like a three-ring circus down there, what with the entire lawsuit between two presidential candidates between the rights to use a nickname.

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