11 May 2004 5:04 pm

First up comes news of the official unveiling of the Nintendo DS, courtesy of Matthew.

Nintendo DS Mockup, courtesy of GizmodoActual Nintendo DS

Nintendo DS: mockup and actual

Rumours have been flying about this new handheld since its announcement, and I’m not sure what to think about the actual device, now that I’ve seen it. However, Square-Enix is coming out with a release game for the DS, so my RPG heart is all a-flutter (inventory management on the second screen! automapping! who knows, it’s all so exciting). I’m not sure I’ll buy the first generation DS, though; like the GBA, there may yet be a better form-factor DS SP in the future… and I can wait.

Still, with its specs (more power than a Nintendo 64) and generous price point ($150 USD, and sure to drop quickly, compared to the ridiculously overpriced PSP), I can see early adopters being happy. While I’m waiting for a new form-factor, price drop, I’m sure many viable “extenders” (cough, flash carts, cough) and emulators will surface, so it’s a winning situation all ’round.

The other piece of news comes courtesy of Dave (B, damn, I know a lot of Dave’s…), who’s pointed out that there’s a news of a realistic-looking Zelda for the Gamecube. Oh, and check out the next-gen Zelda trailer, too (where I got my shots from, thank you Quicktime). I’ll let the following pics speak for themselves:

Link acrobatic flippage
Link readies his sowrd and shield

Next-gen Zelda gorgeousness

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