29 May 2004 3:30 pm

So, I’m headed off to The Comicshop’s 30th anniversary party tonight (they didn’t have to twist my arm hard; they said there’d be refreshments). Think about that, for a while: my local comic store’s been open for thirty years. I was told that, at an event held at the annual Diamond Comics Retailer’s convention, all comic store representatives were told to stand up. All those whose stores had been open for less than a year were told to sit down. Then those whose stores were open for less than two years… four years… six years… In the end, when the announcer had reached the twenty year mark, only The Comicshop’s rep and one other rep were standing. This in a room filled with over several hundred people.

I’m proud to shop there; the staff is genuinely friendly and they don’t suffer from Comic Book Guy syndrome. And with the ever-increasing range of products out there, it helps to have some input and opinions from the staff on whether or not a certain title or author would suit my tastes. It’s not as if they don’t know what my tastes are; I’ve been shopping there (intermittently) since I was thirteen, and regularly since I was sixteen. Together with Orion, I have subscription Box #1 (though with Orion off in the wilds of Alberta, the box is all mine these days). I’d rather pay a bit more for my product obtained from The Comicshop than for the same product bought elsewhere; I know I’m supporting a geek-friendly environment that, in turn, supports geek-friendly activities.

I’m also relatively pleased to see them stocking more manga titles these days. It attracts a different crowd of comics-buyers (it’s always good to see more girls reading comics, and it might just help the next generation of young geeks become a little less terrified of interactions with the opposite sex).

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