31 May 2004 7:56 pm

Courtesy of Slashdot Games comes a charming tale of some university students with too much time on their hands, who attempted and succeeded in playing Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles without using a single Game Boy Advance.

The basic method was as follows:

  1. Obtain a GameCube with Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles
  2. Obtain four more GameCubes, each with their own Gameboy Player, wireless Wavebird controller, and hooked up to their own individual televisions
  3. Connect each Gameboy Player-equipped GameCube to the GameCube with FF:CC
  4. Play the game in multiplayer mode.

This project earns geek points due to its ridiculous nature, adherence to the strong foundations of Maxwell’s Demon’s principles of perversity, and for the sheer cabling mess involved.

The only downside I can think of is that, with four TV’s as monitor-sources for the individual GameCubes, each player now knows what the other player’s secret objectives for Loot Maximization Earning are. On the other hand, it’s now a helluvalot easier to see the overall map / monster stats / treasure locations / etc.

I still don’t know what the author of this piece is on when he claims to resist giving in to Nintendo’s marketing scheme by not buying a GBA. Because, you know, the other four GC’s + wavebirds + TV’s are so much cheaper. And, as the owner of a GC and a GBA, I gotta say I use the GBA a lot more than I do the GC. Remember kids, if you don’t have friends with GBA’s, you can always evangelicize. Right Dave? Dave B? Doug?

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