31 May 2004 9:47 pm

Just watched episode one of Wonderfalls. I suggest you do the same (don’t feel bad; you’re not ripping anyone off — yet. Consider it a long trailer, whetting your appetite for an eventual DVD release).

My question is: Why the hell was this show cancelled? In a field of increasingly inspid and mind-rottingly poor programming, good shows like this and Firefly are relegated to the Nielsen ghettos and delivered stillborn, before they can find an audience.

First impressions? This is a show with tight writing, good comedic values, and actual heart. Caroline Dhavernas is absolutely fascinating as the show’s central character Jaye Tyler. She’s snarky, she’s underachieving and conflicted, and she hears voices. In that sense, it’s actually quite easy to generate audience-identification.

Plus, the actress is Canadian! And, whilst set in Niagra Falls, New York, it’s actually filmed on the Canadian side, where the view is much, much prettier.

Maybe, like that other great, sadly cancelled-too-soon series Firefly, they’ll come out with a DVD set. I’m not holding my breath, but one can hope.

Odd factoid: Wonderfalls is Tim Minnear‘s show. Same Tim Minnear as in Firefly (cancelled). As in Angel (now cancelled). Fox sucks. Is there something not financially viable in fantastical shows with a core composed of equal measures of good storytelling and heart?

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