02 May 2004 11:53 pm

Ah, it’s definately spring when the near-annual Website Redesign occurs.

Yes. It’s very blue. In some senses, though, it’s less blue than the other version of the site. I’m still working through some of the bugs, and I hope to implement a style-switcher in the near future.

01 May 2004 12:43 pm

Looks like someone’s finally invented a self-cooling beverage can:

The can is double walled and the chamber surrounding the drink is filled with a water-containing gel which is separated from a vacuum in the can’s base by a breakable seal. A quick twist of the base breaks the seal, allowing the vacuum to lower the pressure and so evaporate the water from the gel. The heat needed to evaporate the water in the gel of the outer chamber is drawn from the drink itself, causing the fluid to drop to just above the freezing point of water in minutes.

This would be invaluable to me, as I am a fiendish consumer of canned caffeinated beverages, and am generally too lazy to remember to refrigerate said beverages.

Then again, there is always the age-old standard “putting ice in a glass with the beverage”. But that’s not anywhere nearly as cool. Heh.