25 Aug 2008 11:06 am

Since I’m occasionally slow on the uptake, I’ve been using my webcomics page to surf the stuff I normally read… and then manually enter the URLs for sites that I hadn’t included on the linklist. When the stupidity of this set in, I decided a page repair was in order, so voila, updates.

Some comics had shut down — like Minus (beautiful and frightening as it was), and others had ended before I even had a chance to get into them serially, such as Riceboy, which some folks on the /co subforum had pointed me out to ages ago but, as usual, I was slow on the follow-up.

At least Gunnerkrigg Court is still running, and I finally got around to linking some ALL TIME SMASH HITS like Awkward Zombie and Wonderella. My comics life is complete. Or would be if the guy who updates Gone With the Blastwave would do so more often than semi-annually.

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