21 Mar 2011 11:51 pm

So, the World of Warcraft community is abuzz with the picture Blizzard released on their Facebook wall about their new, purchasable Winged Lion Mount….

Considering how much their first store mount earned for them, this would likely be yet another financial windfall for the company. Gamers, with their bizarre sense of surreptitious elitism, were quick to decry the first mount as a blatant money grab, considering that it was a re-skinned version of a much more difficult to obtain mount. I say “surreptitious elitism” because I’d imagine a lot of these same gamers quietly went and bought the mount for themselves anyway. It’s interesting to see the same arguments of “non-exclusivity”, “conformity”, and “unearned privilege” that were leveled against the Celestial Steed (or “Sparkle Pony”) are already being recycled for this new mount, which seems to have already acquired the nickname TRL (“That Retarded Lion”).

While I didn’t pay for my sparkle ponies (they were gifts), I was very appreciative of them, and in turn, the new winged lion would be a zero-day purchase for me if at least half the proceeds went to helping out the victims of the recent Japanese catastrophe. It does seem unlikely that Blizzard (well, Blizzard-Activision) would do so, considering the dearth of upcoming income streams for Activision. One can hope, though.

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