12 Jul 2012 2:08 pm

Praise be to the flood of new trailers from SDCC! I’ve been awaiting more stuff about Borderlands 2 for a while now, and this has certainly whetted my appetite.

I had a craptonne of fun playing the first Borderlands (and… uh, most of it’s associated DLC). It really hit the “kill and loot” skinner-box piñata out of the park (to massively mangle my metaphors), in a way that not even Diablo 3 managed to satisfy. I mean, I’m still playing Borderlands occasionally, but I’ve given up on D3 entirely (now that it’s RMAH has managed to fund two WoW accounts for the next year and a half — thanks Blizz! It’s like Yog’s Law; in all things RMAH, money flows towards the player).

As for Torchlight 2, maybe that’ll tickle that itch that Diablo 3 failed to scratch in a multiplayer-fantasy-click-and-loot kind of way.

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