16 Jul 2012 1:45 pm

I had no idea that this promo existed until very recently, and, remaining true to Evangelion’s mindfucking roots, it contains a brief recap of Rebuild of Evangelion 1.11 and 2.22 and what must be the most infuriating trailer for 3.33 ever — scenes which mostly consist of a piano and a tree.

I mean, yes, of course I’m intrigued, and my interest is vastly piqued. I spent Sunday afternoon and evening rewatching the first two of the Rebuild movies. But this totally trollish teaser? Thanks, Hideaki Anno. I can finally see why there’s an asteroid named after you.

Mind you, if that piano is anything to go by, I’m placing good money on the fourth and final Rebuild movie starting with a piano quintet (what with the addition of Mari), just as Evangelion: Death started with a string quartet, leading into… well, hopefully not End of Evangelion. Well, at least, not the same End of Evangelion.

Edited July 18, 2012: found a better video of the teaser trailer.

also, a helpful guide to people who want to watch Evangelion, courtesy of /a/ (might not be SFW, depending on if /a/non is posting promotions when you click on that link)

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