About the Blog

Welcome to numenor.ca — revived, and now with 300% more bachelor chow. This is version 5.9a Turbo-EX2 of the site, running off of WordPress on a Dreamhost platform. It remains under construction for the forseeable future, and will likely validate somewhat imperfectly, but in the can-do spirit of our geek forefathers — it works well enough, until such time that it doesn’t.

Numenor.ca was originally conceived (long, long before I had the domain name) as a means to muck around on the interwebs with HTML, and later, CSS and various serverside programming languages. It’s lived on many domains; first with the University of British Columbia’s CS Undergrad hosting servers, then (shamefully) with a brief stint on Geocities, moving on to Graeme Kennedy’s seercom servers, and then penultimately on my own home-based linux platform. When that machine was cannibalized for parts, the site went into its longest hiatus (three freakin’ years), and is now back in operation on the aforementioned Dreamhost service.

The site’s been around in some form for well over a decade — closer to a  decade-and-a-half if you count the earliest incarnations, before the concept of “personal geek blog” existed. Back then, it was a homepage, a glorified, image-heavy version of a .plan file. As of this date, the site remains a nexus for my long-winded ramblings, and as a graphical catchall of all the links, videos, images, and web-detritus that I find useful, or interesting, or just plain cool (thus the tendency for massive linkage in the verbal spew). Plus, I really like dicking around with web and graphic design.

If you’re still feeling all Indiana-Jonesy, only without the danger, excitement or snakes, then go all archeological and run along to the previous version and muck about for a bit. Keep in mind that many functions of the old site will not be in working order, as the Movable Type distribution which powered it, and the PHP scripts that it ran on are now missing and are not likely to be reinstated. Almost all the original posts have been migrated over to the current content engine, so you’ll end up being redirected back here if you go past the single-entry pages or the homepage.

For more embarrassing hilarity, I appear to have archived the REALLY old version as well. Be warned: this is one of the oldest incarnations of the site, developed in the dawn days of the Internet, and it has what could only be described as a blindingly bright colour scheme. Be kind; it was a simpler age back then, when table tags rules the formatting world, and tiled backgrounds were the rage du jour.

The site’s name is taken from the Silmarillion; it is the land of the Dunedains (Aragorn’s ancestral homeland), and is sunk at the end of the Second Age.

About the Author

I am bipedal, bilaterally symmetrical, currently caffeinated, and capable of multitasking, as long as one of those tasks is World of Warcraft (or City of Heroes. Or Star Wars: The Old Republic. Or Star Trek Online…. you get the picture). I live somewhere in one of the most Asian suburbs of Vancouver, British Columbia, which is helpful given my proclivities towards cheap electronic hardware, import anime and manga goods, and delicious curry rice and chinese-style fried chicken.

I used to do all kind of bizarre net.geek things on a freelance basis (and usually under many nondisclosure agreements). Mostly it’s research. Occasionally it’s practical. Sometimes it’s outright revelatory, but then again — nondisclosure agreements. 

These days I’m on the helpdesk for my province’s fiancial regulatory service! Working to provide checks and balances on capitalism!

Comments have recently been re-enabled, though the usual spam and link-spoofing filters are up, so it might be a bit before your comments makes it live. If you need to get a hold of me, you can send me an email. Mad props if you can find me online on Proudmoore (or Protector/Lost Isles, or The Harbringer, or on Homecoming / Torchbearer) and chat me up there.

Otakuspace – Pandemic Edition

With a hybrid WFH model likely to be the rule for the forseeable future (and, with any luck, straight up until my retirement, some decades from now), i thought it best to reclaim this space from a hybrid bedroom / office into a.. hybrid bedroom office, but with more emphasis on the office part of it. The Work corner’s been updated with better monitors (still 24″, but 1440p 2K, affixed to better gas lever arms), and I’ve extended the work area with a desk to the left (where I’ve ended up doing most of my crafting / repair work). Plus, I scored a great WFH benefit — I was able to grab one  of the Steelcase chairs from the old office that don’t match the decor of the new office.

Battlestation 2022

Early Pandemic Office

Otakuspace – pre 2020

This is where most of these blogposts are written, provided I’m not on the road.