Taxes are just the subscription fee to live in that country.

Pornhub traffic in Hawaii during the “missile alert”

The 24 hour Taco Bell that got me and my friends through college tragically burned down last night. We… via @reddit

RT @khaxan: When you’re a civil engineer but you always wanted to be a network engineer

Huh, Space Battleship Yamato 2199 is now on crunchyroll? Or did I miss this before?

A whole new meaning to going viral

Social Media is as bad as Heroin

RT @KrangTNelson: when u care deeply abt dr king’s dream

RT @TheOnion: Report: Getting Out Of Bed In Morning Sharply Increases Risk Of Things Getting Even Worse

Get Out and Vote!

The final shot of Game of Thrones should end by zooming out of Westeros and revealing that it’s actually been a bunch of neckbeards playing a table top RPG the whole time.

My GF’s obsession with cheesy cursive signs inspired me to make my own uninspirational signs

NFL DLC #pennyarcade

Oh man, and I was just bingeing on their music.

Omg…this is so accurate

My local supermarket is pro-choice.

From kitten to cat.


This 1997 ad for Irish stout is the most cyber punk ad I’ve ever seen

This gem that popped on my Facebook