Sacramento police shoot man holding a cell phone in his own backyard

Relationship goals

JP trailer for FLCL:Alternative & FLCL:Progressive

TIL that in 2015, the median viewer age for Fox News was 68 years old.

Love is in the eyes of the beholder

Ultimate Vancouver photo-op challenge: Baklava man at the scene of a car crash involving a Lambo with an N, and Canuck the crow stealing evidence in the background.

HTC opens preorders for $799 Vive Pro headset, drops Vive to $499

now that the GITS remake is on Netflix, @G0ffThew has some good points about why the movie was Not Very Good.

A steamy dump of Pornhub comments.

As a kid, a weekend with no plans is like torture. As an adult, a weekend with no plans feels like winning the lottery.

NEW FLCL coming to Adult Swim’s Toonami in June and September

14 year old creates Through the Fire and Flames – by Dragonforce in Mario Paint

My local liquor store just put this sign up

Rain Quote – Raymond Carver

Whoa, Black Betty!

A firm handshake is important when making a first impression.

AI outpaces lawyers in reviewing legal documents, new study finds – “with the lawyers exhibiting 85% average accuracy compared to 94% average accuracy rate achieved by AI software.”

Got a case of the Mondays

Pet Therapy

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