@actuallyeaton Further to this: a gallery of STO-based 3d printed ships (some base, some with color) t.co/f1HRW3XeYD

The 2018 winners of the Lyttle Lytton contest, where people compete to write the worst first sentence (in 25 words or less) of the worst imaginary novel, like “Madison was a shy, awkward, inwardly beautiful teenaged girl just like you.” t.co/ogvuBFWtW6

RT @jlist: So true. t.co/is1rOPylHD

RT @CagleCats: She didn’t even get me anything for mother’s day >:( smh t.co/ENXPf7o7iZ

RT @PrestonMitchum: Who. Did. This. *screaming* t.co/IImi2Axxq1

RT @DickKingSmith: Cower before the three housecats of the apurrcalypse. t.co/6uiA7Gdtff

RT @IHLaking: Someone trained their owl to bring them mail Hogwarts style and it’s freaking adorable. 🦉 t.co/0CMzlVe1jw

Meanwhile, in West Virginia…. t.co/2vohaE8wmb

We were supposed to be Batman and Robin. I guess he didn’t hear me. t.co/vUuvwxeei8

Happy Mother’s Day everyone! t.co/YwVsqRUN6Y

Happy Mother’s Day! t.co/CfDmGzNGqu

Very interesting t.co/FhnouOjKPA

Me irl t.co/1Zt7Q40Ojt

Jews! t.co/d7qDGjNEBu

Hey i can do that too. t.co/qhbrQHagIr

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RT @Uznare: eurovision rules t.co/I8cG3D5tCh

RT @SamSykesSwears: boy the end of Infinity War is kind of anticlimactic t.co/EntRPIzan3

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RT @StevenStaples81: He saw 14 million possible futures and this is the only 1 where everyone wins. t.co/4fzXpqWjua