04 Apr 2011 10:02 pm

While still something of a bit of product-placement for Adidas, seeing this video makes me think of Rez (in good ways), what with its procedurally generated accompaniment, minus, of course, the “on-rails shooter” aspect. It’s nice to see weird stuff like this creep out of labs and marketing think-tanks, but, as always, the real fun and excitement won’t come until the price-point drops low enough that anyone can afford these shoe/music units.

26 Mar 2011 11:53 pm

27 Sep 2010 5:29 pm

I know these things probably don’t roll true. That doesn’t stop me from wanting them. They’d go so well with my chainmail dicebag too! The only way these could be better would be if they were made of meteoric metal (much like Sir Pratchett’s new sword…)

March 21, 2011 edit: Finally found the maker! It’s a designer called Ceramicwombat, and he’s got an online store on Shapeways. The default material is some kind of flexible plastic (and you can step on them and they’ll just flatten then bounce back to shape), though if you’re willing to shell out more cash, they can come in harder materials.

17 Sep 2008 11:39 am

Kiyohiko Azuma was generally responsible for my re-introduction to anime when Azumanga Daioh fansubs started showing up in my old ftp dropbox. Like many people, the simple slice-of-life episodes managed to be both utterly charming and deeply hilarious. This is quite the feat, as few shows have managed to get that magical blend right. Aria manages the “charming” bit quite well, and Lucky Star does the comedy bits to perfection, well, at least after the first seven-episode warmup. The closest anything has come to Azumanga’s high-water mark is Hidamari Sketch, though in all honesty, that may simply be an artifact of chronological sentimentality; I suspect that had I come to both shows at the same time, the order may well be reversed.

Be that as it may, Kiyohiko Azuma hasn’t been resting on his laurels; he’s been writing the deliciously wonderful Yotsuba&! (which you can peruse at your leisure, but I highly recommend picking up the manga from your local friendly comicshop). It was during the process of scouring the interwebatron for more Yotsuba information that I stumbled upon Calonyr11‘s Danbo Flickr stream.

Using a Danboard artfully posed out in natural areas (and, eventually, taken on trips to Paris), Calonyr11 has managed to recreate that sense of charm and child-like wonder that is so everpresent in Azuma’s work. It’s particularly telling that the tagline for Yotsuba&! is “Enjoy Everything”. It kind of makes me want to find my old Nikon D20 SLR and see what I can do with my own toys, though I doubt a 1/30th scale Tachikoma has quite the same presence as a Danboard.

13 Jul 2008 2:24 pm

I’ve been casing out the plamo scene for a bit now (which, to people who know me, should send them running in terrified circles, given my predilection to be somewhat… careless… with power tools and chemicals). I’ll eventually make a longer-form post on the process of scratchbuilding a fully-realized plastic model, but for now, I needed to share the awesomeness of Air Man.

I’d give an arm and a leg (well, someone else’s arm and a leg) for this baby. It’s not only decorative, but functional (and soothing! given the insane summer heat the Pacific Northwest is sweltering under these days).