15 Mar 2011 11:06 am

The kindest thing that can be said of Tron: Legacy is that it was watchable, and that it had an awesome soundtrack (which is getting a remixed version come April). At its core, it was a cheesy popcorn flick, marred by an overcommitment to its cool graphics and an underwhelming use of its source material, and lacking a consistency of vision in the execution of its digitized environment. I have no complaints on the acting side of things; it’s not as if they were given Shakespeare level material to work with, and it’s always nice seeing Michael Sheen chewing the scenery (not to mention Olivia Wilde playing the kick-ass naif).

So, it was with something akin to shock and joy that I viewed the teaser trailer for TRON: The Next Day (TR3N? Whatever the next title will end up being).

It seems odd to see a Tron movie set so strongly in the real world, but in hindsight, that was what I found most lacking in Legacy. Aside from the placeholder setups in the beginning and a few callbacks here and there (Dillinger’s kid! played by the awesome Cillian Murphy), there was less of a connection between the two worlds than there was in the first movie, and I think that’s why Legacy seemed to lack soul (too computerish, perhaps, and far less human).

Now I’m not sure how much I’d enjoy a Tron movie without its digital world or cool graphics, but my interest is definitely piqued. I do hope that they get Daft Punk back to do the soundtrack, though part of me thinks that a Trent Reznor / Atticus Ross-esque collaboration may work better with the more human setting. Time will tell how this movie shapes up, but I think they’ve already got my TNMC vote, for sure.

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